Yes! You can! There are a few things you need to make sure first before signing up for a card. 

1) A New to Card Holder: 

- You cannot have owned/applied/cancelled a bank's credit card for the last 12 months from the date of application of the new card where you are the main principal card holder.

2) You must apply through

- Any application submitted through any other platforms will automatically be deemed ineligible. The bank's report that we received helps us identify applications made through MoneySmart. The bank has the final say as to what the application source. MoneySmart has no rights to reverse any decision. 

Okay, great. You have verified the main 2 criteria.  What's next? Let us explain what the entire process is, and why it take 12 weeks after the end of the promotion to receive your gifts and why you can submit the redemption form before spending/activating your card.

Apply through moneysmart.sgMake sure you are a New to Card Holder
2.Complete application on bank's website
3.The bank will send you an email containing an Application Reference Number. 
The application reference number is the most important detail we need. This will be explained in detail on step 7.
4.Submit your details along with your Application Reference Number on one of MoneySmart's redemption forms. You do not need to spend or activate within the stipulated dates.

You should receive a confirmation email of your submission.

*Submission of redemption does not represent your eligibility of your applications
5.Once you receive your card, activate and/or spend it to meet the requirements.Refer to the terms and conditions
6. Bank sends us a report 1 to 2 months after the campaign endsThis is the arrangement we have with the banks. MoneySmart does not capture any of your application, approval or spend data. 
7.Once the bank sends us the report containing application reference number. MoneySmart will use this unique identifier to do a match to reconcile the details you have provided us.The bank does not send us any personal data due to PDPA. If you don't submit your redemption form, we will not be able to send you your gifts 
8.Once we have consolidated the fulfilment report, we will send it to our suppliers to start on the procurement and gift delivery process. An email will be sent to you that we have provided the list to our supplier of the gift.
9.Gifts to be delivered within 3 to 5 days to address indicated on the claim form.
Once the supplier indicated that the gifts have been delivered, MoneySmart will not entertain any dispute for reasons not within our control or when wrong address is given. 

There you go! Now that you have read till here, you should have a clear understanding on how things work. MoneySmart will always operate with full integrity. We can empathise that we don't have the best customer journey, but we are taking your feedback seriously and will continuously improve. For now, please bear with us!