We see that a lot of our customers are confused on the term of what a New to Cardholder actually mean. 

Here are the legal definitions: 

“Eligible New Customers” refers to applicants who meet the following conditions:

  1. Is a New-To-Bank Cardholder, with no existing Citibank Credit Card account* (as main cardmember) at the time when his/her successful application submission via MoneySmart is approved by Citibank for any Eligible Citibank Product under this Promotion; and 

  2. has not previously cancelled any Citibank Credit Cards in the last twelve (12) months immediately prior to his/her application for the Eligible Card and prior to the commencement of the Application Period.

  3. is not a United States (“U.S.”) Citizen, U.S. Resident, or U.S. Green Card holder. A person is a “U.S. Resident” if he is present in the U.S. for more than 31 days in the current calendar year, and for an average of at least 183 days over the current calendar year and the preceding calendar years.

In layman terms:

  1. You must not have an existing Citibank Credit Card at the time of application.
    1. Main confusion: Customers assumes that they only do not need to have the specific card they are applying for. That is not correct. 
    2. Example: If John is currently holding a Citi Cash back card and wants to apply for the Citi PremierMiles Card. He is not a New to Card Holder.

  2. You must not have applied or cancelled a Citibank card in the last 12 months from the time of a new application. To find out whether you can cleared the 12 months time frame, you will have to approach Citi Customer Service.
    1. Example: If John cancelled his Cash back Citibank credit card 9 months ago and want to apply for MoneySmart's attractive Citibank credit card promotion, he will not be eligible.

  3. If you're a US citizen or a US Green Card Holder, you are not a eligible for our Citibank Campaigns

We hope this helps!